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Why choose cremation? For many, the ceremony options are desirable. For some, it is a religious or family tradition. For others, cremation seems more practical. Reasons for choosing cremation vary, but choosing A.J. Desmond & Sons always means you will be taken care of well.

We offer you affordable and distinctive choices. To fully understand your choices, look through the information here. Know we always welcome the opportunity to further talk with you. 

What is Cremation?

First, what cremation is not. Cremation is not a type of ceremony nor a replacement for burial. Many families have a funeral service that is followed by cremation. Others have the cremation occur first and then the memorial service. And many families bury cremated remains.

Cremation is one way in which the body is handled after death in preparation for permanent memorialization. The cremation process uses intense heat to reduce the body eventually into a fine powder that is then placed in a container. The cremated remains are returned to the family. To learn more, visit COMMON QUESTIONS ABOUT CREMATION and know that you can always call us.

Cremation at A.J Desmond & Sons

Most importantly, we offer you peace of mind. We always care for the deceased with the utmost dignity and respect. We attend to all the details surrounding a death and cremation in the timeliest manner. We also take care of you and your family, as you choose. For more information, please visit PEACE-OF-MIND CREMATION

Also importantly, we believe in saying good-bye. After working with families for generations, we believe strongly that ceremony and memorialization are vital to grief recovery. We offer numerous ceremony options, so that each family does what is meaningful and beneficial to them. 

Standard Services

A caring staff is always ready to work with you. Our standard cremation services include the local transfer to the funeral home, shelter of the deceased for up to 48 hours, basic preparation of the deceased for cremation, a private and limited family farewell, basic professional services of staff, timely completion and filing of paperwork, and local transfer to the crematory. Please visit COMPREHENSIVE CREMATION SERVICES for more details.

Remembrance Service Options

CremationCremation remembrance services are flexible to address particular family preferences. For a full explanation, visit CEREMONIES OVERVIEW.

At a funeral service the deceased is present in a casket. After the funeral service, the deceased is taken to the crematory. To learn more, visit FUNERAL SERVICES and CREMATION MERCHANDISE.

A memorial service is like a funeral service, except that the deceased is not present in a casket. Typically, a cremation has already taken place and the urn is present at the service. Visit MEMORIAL SERVICES for more information.

For those wanting limited or no ceremony, we offer private time. Many families have a private family farewell. Some also choose to accompany the deceased to the crematory. Others choose to have a memorial service at a later date. Visit SIMPLE SERVICES for more information.

Military honors are available for qualified veterans and are often part of the remembrance services. If interested and qualified, we will arrange these for you. Find more information at VETERANS SERVICES AND BENEFITS

To support and personalize the services you choose, we offer a wide selection of cremation caskets, urns, and keepsakes. To learn more, visit CREMATION MERCHANDISE and PERSONALIZING SERVICES or call us.

What Happens to the Cremated Remains?

After the cremation, the family may choose to place the cremated remains in a columbarium, bury them in a cemetery, or scatter or set them in a meaningful place. Some families place an urn in a garden. Some return cremated remains to their home country for burial or scattering. Others place a small amount of cremated remains in special jewelry as personal keepsakes. For more ideas, ask us or visit KEEPSAKES and CREMATION MERCHANDISE.

Cremation in Michigan

In Michigan a funeral director must sign a death certificate and complete the cremation permit, but a funeral home cannot own or operate a crematory. Thus, a funeral home makes the initial transfer of the deceased from the place of death to the funeral home, completes and files the death certificate and cremation permit, and then transfers the deceased to the crematory.

To ensure the highest quality of service to the families we serve, we use only two area crematories. Each has a highly professional staff and the finest facilities, and operates with rigorous procedures and the highest ethical standards. We always accompany the deceased to the crematory and, if you wish, you may also. To learn more, visit PEACE-OF-MIND CREMATION.



"We appreciate the way you took care of my dad with dignity and respect and made all the arrangements for his memorial."
~ LC and TC
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