Peace of Mind Cremation

For some, cremation can be a difficult decision. We understand. From your initial contact with us, our staff is fully engaged in the care of both the deceased and their survivors.

In the state of Michigan, as a consumer protection a funeral home and crematory cannot be owned by the same business. Thus we transfer the deceased in our care to a local crematory to handle the actual cremation. We work closely with two local well-respected crematories. Each has a highly professional staff, top-quality facility and rigorous set of operating procedures to ensure the complete and secure return of your loved one’s remains.



10-Step Peace-of-Mind Cremation Process

Five Steps Prior to Cremation

  1. We bring the deceased into our care. An identification bracelet is put on the deceased upon arrival at the funeral home. If there is to be a service with the deceased present, our policy is to embalm and we will seek your permission. If embalming is not done, the deceased is placed into a secure refrigeration unit.
  2. All arrangements are made with a licensed funeral director at a location convenient to you. We coordinate all service arrangements according to your wishes.
  3. We handle all legal paperwork necessary to proceed with the cremation. A death certificate with cause of death must be obtained to acquire the cremation permit from the county medical examiner. Upon receiving the cremation permit and signed consent from the legal next of kin and depending on the planned services, we schedule the cremation.
  4. The deceased is placed into a cremation container or casket of the family’s choosing. Local crematories do require a rigid container that completely encases the deceased.
  5. When there is no public viewing, we offer a family farewell for the immediate family at the funeral home for a final goodbye and to guarantee a positive identification of the deceased.

Five Steps During and After Cremation

  1. Upon completion of the required paperwork and the family farewell or other planned services, our own staff will transfer the deceased to the crematory and witness the start of the cremation. A families may choose to accompany us to the crematory.
  2. Upon arrival at the crematory, their staff reviews the permit and consent form, and initiates their identification process. This includes issuing a unique identification number on a metal tag that remains with the deceased throughout the entire process and stays with the cremated remains afterwards.
  3. After the completion of the entire cremation process, the cremated remains are placed into a temporary container and clearly identified. The cremated remains are returned to the funeral home as soon as possible.
  4. If an urn or other container has been selected by the family, an A.J Desmond & Sons staff member transfers the cremated remains and the identification tag into that container.
  5. Based on what the family chooses, we arrange for the placement of the urn in a cemetery or columbarium, prepare for a memorial ceremony or return the cremated remains to the family. The family also receives the crematory’s record.

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