Merchandise Options

Merchandise Options

As remembrance service and disposition decisions are made, merchandise options and selections will become clearer. Is there going to be a funeral service or a memorial service? Is there going to be a burial or cremation? If there is going to be a cremation, what will be done with the cremated remains? Is there something special to commerate your loved one? 

For any service and disposition choices, keepsake options are available. Keepsakes commemorate a loved one in a meaningful manner; some become a family heirloom. Jewelry may be created from a unique thumbprint. A flag case may hold a veteran’s flag. A video book may be created from a Memorial Tribute Video. A piece of hair or a small portion of cremated remains can be made into a diamond. Cremated remains can be solidified into stones. The possibliites are numerous. Let us know what is meaningful to you and we will have possibilities.   

If there is to be a remembrance service with the deceased present, a casket is needed. Initial decisions include style preferences, material type, personalization features and personal taste. Do you want classic, graceful styling? Do you prefer simple lines and details? Do you prefer metal or wood? Do you want to personalize the casket?

If there is to be a burial, most cemeteries require that a casket be placed in an outer burial container to protect the integrity of the casket and the cemetery ground. Vaults are outer burial containers that are sealed to keep water and other elements out. We offer a variety of burial containers and vaults, some of which offer personalization options. We will discuss the options with you to help you determine what will be your best fit. 

Following burial in a cemetery, most families place a marker or monument on the grave. A cemetery often has requirements as to the types of markers and monuments they will permit. If you know before purchasing cemetery property that you want a certain kind of marker or monument, let us know. We are knowledgeable about area cemetery requirements and guidelines and able to assist you.

If there is cremation, the crematory requires a rigid cremation container or a casket. If there is remembrance service prior to cremation, the casket serves as the container. If there is no service prior to cremation, a container is required to protect the dignity of the deceased during transport to the crematory and during the cremation.

Following cremation, an urn is often needed. Deciding what will be done with cremated remains assists in determining the type of urn to select. Is there going to be a memorial service? Will the urn be displayed in a special place? Will the urn be placed in a columbarium or buried at a cemetery? Will the cremated remains be scattered? Or will be cremated remains be solidified into stones? 

If green burial is of interest, let us know. Area cemeteries have different options and we offer a selection of suitable services and merchandise. 

Whatever your needs and budget, know that numerous options exist. To view our wide selection of caskets, vaults, urns, markers, and keepsakes, come visit our Merchandise Selection room at any of our locations.

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