Most cemeteries require that caskets be placed in an outer burial container to keep the weight of the ground from crushing a buried casket while also keeping the ground above from sinking in. Vaults can also be sealed to keep water and other elements out. We offer a variety of burial containers and vaults, some with personalizing options.

If an urn is to be buried in a cemetery, most cemeteries require it be placed in an urn vault. Like a burial vault, an urn vault protects the integrity of the urn and the ground above. It also allows the family to have a meaningful ceremony when burying their loved one. Items such as pictures and other memorabilia can be placed in the vault like a time capsule and can bring value to a final ceremony.

Below is a sample of our burial and urn vault selections.

Burial Vaults

Wilbert Bronze

Stainless Steel Triune

Concrete Case

Copper Triune Urn Vault

Stainless Steel Triune Urn Vault

Universal Urn Vault

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