Why Plan Ahead

Why Plan Ahead

There’s a lot that goes into planning a funeral, but making those arrangements beforehand gives you time to consider all of your options and make sure that you’re covering all of the necessary details. Still feeling unsure? Here are some of the most important reasons why planning ahead may be the best option.

It's Easy

Fill out a form or meet with a member of our staff to put your plan in place. Anyone can create a plan, at any stage in their life, and you always can make changes if you wish.

You Decide

Preplanning lets you create your own unique life celebration. Including your family in the planning process can help them feel connected to you both in life and in death, knowing that your arrangements reflect your desires.

Relieve Your Family’s Burden

Preplanning relieves your family of that burden and gives them more time and energy to focus on healing and remembrance.

You Can Prepay

Prepayment generally means that you save money by being protected from inflation and price changes. Depending on circumstance, we use either a trust fund or insurance. Either way, funds are deposited safely until needed. Prepaying also provides peace of mind for your family, who won’t have to figure out your funeral expenses when the time comes.

What If I Move?

We keep a record of your preplanned arrangements and any prepayments, and they’re easily transferable to funeral homes throughout the United States. It is subject to the policies of a particular funeral home. 

Where Do I Start?

First, check out our preplanning checklist to help you consider all your possibilities. Then you can preplan online using our form to create your personalized arrangements or you can schedule a time to meet with our staff to discuss your options and make a plan.

Benefits of Planning Ahead

Most of us plan ahead for life's big events. We plan for a family vacation, a child's education or our retirement. We plan ahead because we want to be prepared.

Planning ahead for funeral arrangements is always a good idea; death is going to happen. Many preplan funeral arrangements for the peace of mind it offers; difficult decisions will not need to be made at a very stressful time. Some do so because it provides the opportunity needed to make practical and meaningful decisions; all involved are able to make informed choices. Others value sharing their final wishes with loved ones.

Funeral plans can be simple or elaborate. Many address the details, such as choosing a casket, a location, and selecting the readings and music for the remembrance service. Some only specify preferences, maybe a particular type of service or a burial place. Others may note a preference for cremation and a certain urn.

Whether or not to set aside money to pre-pay is also an important consideration. Many pre-plan and pre-pay when organizing finances and assets. Some want to ensure that necessary funds will be available when needed. Others want to guarantee prices. Still others have Medicaid issues that need to be considered. Some are able to prepay in full, while others prefer a multi-payment option. Our various programs address all these concerns.

Mike Smela and Zach Throne, our Advanced Preneed Specialists, offer complete assistance and comprehensive pre-planning services. As dedicated advance funeral planners with extensive funeral, funding and insurance expertise, Mike and Zach can assist you with selecting the desired services and merchandise within your budget.    

If you choose to pre-pay, Mike and Zach will help you in selecting the best plan for your circumstances. For those choosing pre-payment, know that all pre-paid plans through A.J. Desmond & Sons are cost guaranteed. We place all pre-paid funds in either a trust account or an insurance policy through Physicians Mutual Life, an A+ rated company. Learn more about these programs at one of our Upcoming Events.

For those who travel often, we also offer an affordable and comprehensive travel insurance program. If death occurs while 75 miles or more from home, this program covers complete transportation costs. It guarantees complete cost of transportation from anywhere in the world. This is especially beneficial to anyone who travels, has extended stays at another residence, or receives medical care away from home. For those choosing cremation, this program enables your family to transport the deceased home to say their final goodbyes prior to the cremation, without the financial burden. If you want to learn more, contact our Preneed Specialists. 

PLEASE NOTE: To qualify the recipient for Medicaid assistance, some contracts may be certified "irrevocable" by the Michigan Department of Human Services. Irrevocable contracts cannot be LEGALLY cancelled for any reason, although it is normally possible to transfer performance of the contract to another funeral home. Notify us of any changes, and we will either make the appropriate arrangements or give you a refund within 30 days.

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