Burial Services

Burial Services

Why choose burial? Watching the casket being lowered into the ground at the burial, we witness death's finality. It really is the last goodbye. For many, burial follows family tradition or particular religious beliefs. For some, it is comforting to have a place to visit. For others, a grave provides a focal point for memorializing the deceased; a place that offers hope and healing.

Burial with A.J. Desmond & Sons

We offer numerous service options and merchandise for those who choose burial. We work closely with each family to arrange the services and provide the merchandise that are best for you.

Cemetery Choices

We are often asked about how to choose a cemetery. Questions to think about are: Do you or your family already own cemetery spaces? Do you want to use one? Where are other deceased family members buried? Is location significant? Is there a particular burial tradition that is important to you? Do you prefer expansive lawns or unique monuments? Is the deceased a veteran?

In Michigan, to protect consumers, funeral homes cannot own a cemetery and a cemetery cannot own a funeral home. We are fortunate that there are numerous cemeteries in our area, each offering different alternatives. A.J. Desmond & Sons is very knowledgeable about area cemeteries, so if you would like some assistance, please let us know and we will work with you to choose the right cemetery for you.

Markers and Monuments

We assist many families with cemetery marker and monument choices. Markers and monuments mark the grave of a loved one, commemorate a special person, and offer a focal point for grief while visiting the grave of a loved one.

Remembrance Service Options

Once deciding on burial, you need to decide on the remembrance ceremonies and the cemetery. Remembrance services are flexible to address particular family preferences. For a full explanation of ceremony options, visit The Importance of Ceremony.

A funeral mass or service with the deceased present in a casket may be held at either a place of worship or the funeral home. After the service, the deceased is taken to the cemetery for burial.

A cemetery funeral service may be chosen by a family desiring a very small and limited ceremony. This is held at the cemetery chapel or at the graveside and often includes some prayers and reflections.

Some families choose prompt burial of the deceased. For those wishing no public ceremony prior to the burial, A.J. Desmond & Sons offers a private family farewell. Families find this to be a very beneficial final goodbye. Some may then accompany the deceased to the cemetery for burial.

Many families who chose cremation bury the cremated remains in a cemetery. Please visit Cremation Services for more information.

Military honors are available for qualified veterans and are often incorporated into the services at the cemetery. Eligible veterans may also be buried in a national cemetery; Great Lakes National Cemetery is located in Holy, Michigan. If interested and qualified, we will arrange these for you. Please visit Veterans Services and Benefits or call us for information.

Standard Services

A caring and responsive staff is available and ready to work with you. You select the type of service and the merchandise. We arrange everything. Basic services include the local transfer to the funeral home, shelter or refrigeration of the deceased up to 48 hours, basic preparation of the deceased for burial, a private and limited family farewell, basic professional services of staff, timely completion and filing of paperwork, and local transfer to the cemetery.

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